About Us

    The Board of Directors meets as needed to carry out the work of the association. The President and the Executive Director must be senior, retired US military chaplains. The IAEC Board of Directors sets policy and goals for the IAEC and actively advises and assists the Executive Director in the accomplishment of his mission of leading the IAEC in the achievement of the IAEC Vision, Goal and Mission and approves the budget annually.

    The Board of Directors for 2016 are:

    Chaplain (BG) Doug Lee, USA Ret. (President)
    Chaplain (LTC) Bob Collins, USA Ret. (Vice President)
    LTC Dell McDonald, USAF, Ret. (Secretary)

    LTG Freddy McFarren, USA Ret.
    COL Chet Arnold, USMC Ret.
    CDR Frank Cole, USCG Ret.
    Chaplain (COL) Ron Crews, USA Ret.
    The Hon. John Knubel, Navy Veteran
    COL Joaquin Maldonado, Guatemala (ret)
    Chaplain (COL) Clarke McGriff, USA Ret.
    CAPT Stan Mincks, USCG Ret.
    Chaplain (COL) Dave Peterson, USA Ret.
    Chaplain (COL) Bart Physioc, USA Ret.
    Chaplain (COL) Bernie Windmiller, USA Ret.
    SGM Michael Weiss, USA Ret.
    MSGT Alejandro Cuellar, Chilean AF Ret.
    Augustin Tchenkoua, Director of Military, Campus Crusade for Christ, Cameroon

    CAPT (CHC) Paul Wrigley, USN Ret. Executive Director
    Rev. LTC Bob Reifsnyder, USA Ret. Director for Conferences and MembershipChaplain (COL) Ron Huggler, USA Ret. Director for Financial Management
    CDR (CHC) Jim Ellis, USN Ret. Director for Training
    Chaplain (COL) Steve Leonard, USAR, Ret., Director for Development
    MG Clay Buckingham, USA Ret, Director for Communication